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Input system that captures both pen and touch input, glass-based sensor technology provides accurate input.

Strengthen your competitive position...

with an input system that captures both pen and touch input. From Scriptel. Our proven, glass-based sensor technology means more accurate input, plus no compromise in quality or reliability — offering superior optical performance and rugged operation at an affordable cost. With more than twenty years of technical advancements and field proven use, we're helping manufacturers deliver more competitive products.

Simply the best. For pen or touch or both.

Other dual-input solutions come with compromises. They lack accuracy or the ability to distinguish between pen and touch. Or they're not durable. Or they're simply too expensive and not readily adaptable. But not ours. Scriptel offers a proven technology, unmatched for optical performance, reliability and its ability to be affordably customized to fit your application.

Why is it the best?

Scriptel technology not only answers the need for a highly dependable product. It also can provide tremendous flexibility for applications that require more sophisticated input such as signature verification, pen-driven cursors, and smaller, complex inputs on one screen.

Because the interactive surface is glass, with only a thin layer of sensing material applied to the underside, Scriptel sensor technology also creates superior optical performance and enhanced product reliability. At an affordable cost.

How does it work?

The technology receives both pen and finger input on a thin sensing layer located on the underside of the glass. The resultant signals detected from touch or pen input are fundamentally different.

That means:

  • Clear differentiation between pen and touch... no confusion about which input is being received.
  • Dependable palm rejection... a solution to the common problem of users placing a hand on the glass while they write.
  • Automatic pen detection... because the pen is active.

Unsurpassed optical Clarity ... You can clearly see the difference.

More and more, interactive designers are specifying video and high-resolution images to keep the experience exciting. Scriptel sensor technology ensures nothing comes between the user and the underlying display — ideal for any situation in which true color, lack of distortion, crispness, and contrast are critical.

The result is simply a more vibrant display. That means a more competitive advantage for your product.

What makes our optics superior?

Glass offers the best visual clarity. Unlike other glass technologies that have either top surface coatings or multiple layers with visible grid lines, our proprietary design uses only a thin coating on the underside. A single layer ensures superior optical performance with high clarity, minimal distortion, and no color change. This means maximum viewability of the underlying display, even in direct sunlight.

Reliable. Rugged. Proven to endure.

Scriptel sensor technology is incredibly rugged. Because our glass has the sensing layer on the bottom, operation is always protected. It survives the toughest abuse and keeps performing in the harshest environments. Including manufacturing plants and industrial facilities. Mobile or vehicle mount applications. Challenging retail environments. Or health care facilities.

Real value is what you get for the cost ... Affordable and adaptable. Uncompromised support.

Look at the total package, not just the technology. For the price, no other sensor vendor offers this combination of capability, dependability, performance, adaptability, and application support. Available when you need it. Plus reduced maintenance, no field recalibration, and assured reliability you'll never find in far less capable technologies. When you're looking down the road at potential elimination of field problems or replacements, that adds up to a very affordable total life cycle cost.

Available when you need it.

With our adaptable technology and outstanding application support we can quickly and affordably meet your product needs:

  • Scalable - Unique electrical configuration allows the sensor/display size to be easily scaled up or down without system re-engineering
  • Adaptable -Only four interconnects, highly programmable controller IC, customizable, modular pen cartridge
  • Easy to integrate -Single-layer construction and small active area border fits most designs easily; compatible with virtually all electronics systems


Diverse Uses... The many advantages of choosing Scriptel.

Already used in wide ranging applications, Scriptel sensor technology has the potential to help create new, state-of-the-art applications that help users interact more comfortably with machines and enjoy greater accuracy and security. For instance, our active pen has the capability to measure pressure as well as other dimensions for signature verification. And our sensor interface is inherently secure to meet the standards for PCI PED applications.

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