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Industrial Computing Solutions

Industrial Computing Solutions

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Industry leader in modular industrial grade Signal Conditioning products. ADI 3B, 5B, 6B & 7B Modules. View Products


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Fortasa Memory Systems is a leading manufacturer of Solid State Storage Solutions uniquely focused to meet the high-performance, high-reliability needs of OEMs.  One of the industry’s broadest product portfolios includes multiples bus interfaces and form factors.

Fortasa’s Industrial Flash Storage Products offer a wide range of platform choices to any Industrial Application.  Consisting of Industrial Grade PC Memory Card, SD and Compact Flash cards, PATA/IDE, SATA and USB interface options, Fortasa Flash Storage Products come in multiple physical form factors, connector, and housing options to give the broadest standard product selection to fit most customer needs.  Product quality and consistency to specification is guaranteed through a locked bill of materials that is unique to any Fortasa product part number.

Unlike an ordinary consumer Flash Card or SSD, Fortasa’s Industrial Solid State Storage Products contain exact component traceability to ensure that all critical components are exactly the same as were originally qualified by the customer.  Every Fortasa part number is mapped to a unique and specific BOM which is identical for all the product shipments under the same Fortasa part number.

Custom Storage Solutions
No two end products are ever created the same.  Whether your system requires increased performance, reduced power, additional security, custom form factor, or uncommon features and commands, Fortasa Memory Systems works closely with OEM customers to develop unique and custom fitting solutions that address your most critical system needs.  Contact Us with your custom needs.

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  • PATA SSD Series
  • SATA SSD Series
  • Single Chip Drive Series
  • USB SSD Series
  • Custom Storage Solutions

Ultra-compact Embedded PCs, Embedded X86 boards. Windows XP, XP Embedded, CE.NET & Linux supported.

LiPPERT specializes in designing and building ultra-compact Embedded PCs, with customer applications in the areas of communications, electronic gaming, medical devices, industrial computers and multi-media technologies. LiPPERT has extensive long-term experience in design and production of high technology and high-quality Embedded PC Systems, especially for deployment into rough environments.

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Custom and exclusive Din Rail Mounting, Encoder Conditioning, and Breakout Boards to Analog I/O Boards.

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