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Motion Controllers

ADLINK offers a variety of motion control solutions including different types of motion command interfaces and comprehensive and easy-to-use function libraries for industrial uses such as semiconductor, LED and LCD manufacturing, and laser cutting applications, or in other electrical manufacturing equipment. Machine manufacturers will be benefited from the precise positioning and advanced motion trajectory control technology provided by ADLINK.

ADLINK's PC-based motion control solutions include pulse train motion controllers, DSP-based analog motion controllers, and Distributed Motion Control. ADLINK's motion control solutions deliver accurate and high-performance motion trajectories for target objects. Position comparing and trigger output functions match the performance of high-end frame grabbers in carrying out on-the-fly image inspection with line scanning. Motion control products offered by ADLINK include SSCNET solutions which provide up to 18-bit resolution, high-speed movement, and simultaneous absolute synchronization via a serial connection. ADLINK also provides distributed motion solutions utilizing Motionnet technology and I/O control solutions adopting HSL (high-speed link) technology to the benefit of users by reducing wiring costs, and being able to connect to numerous motion axes and thousands of I/Os.

Pulse Train Motion Controllers

With the evolution of servo and stepper motor technologies, pulse-train command motion controllers are now available for precise position control. ADLINK provides variety of pulse-train motion controllers supporting two to eight axes and providing practical motion functions for point-to-point motion, synchronized motion of multiple axes, and on-the-fly speed/position changes, etc. Through a unique modular design, ADLINK's advanced pulse-train motion controllers also provide field-bus I/O control, real-time position comparison, and triggering options. All pulse-train motion controllers ADLINK offers meets the needs of most EMS (electrical manufacturing system) requirements.

DSP-based Analog Motion Controllers

ADLINK provides DSP-based analog motion controllers which provide not only the functions pulse-train motion controllers offer, but also more comprehensive applications such as gantry applications and continuous contouring functions supporting thousands of motion paths and feature velocity planning and path smoothing. With current servo update rates in the KHz range and PID plus feed-forward gain algorithms, ADLINK's DSP-based analog motion controllers can easily increase system performance and improve application effectiveness without modifying the servos.

Distributed Motion Control

As the size of automation equipment increases, more motion axes and I/Os are required. For this reason, ADLINK offers a complete line of distributed machine automation solutions. By integrating dedicated and time-deterministic motion and I/O field buses: Motionnet and High Speed Link (HSL), ADLINK's solutions provide up to 256 axes and over 2,000 I/O control points. ADLINK also supports the SSCNET (Servo System NETwork) standard for applications that require even higher speed and higher precision motion (real-time responses up to 0.888 ms and absolute synchronization of up to 16 axes).