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Distributed Motion Control

As the size of automation equipment increases, more motion axes and I/Os are required. For this reason, ADLINK offers a complete line of distributed machine automation solutions. By integrating dedicated and time-deterministic motion and I/O field buses: Motionnet and High Speed Link (HSL), ADLINK's solutions provide up to 256 axes and over 2,000 I/O control points. ADLINK also supports the SSCNET (Servo System NETwork) standard for applications that require even higher speed and higher precision motion (real-time responses up to 0.888 ms and absolute synchronization of up to 16 axes).

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  1. HSL-4XMO


    Part Number: HSL-4XMO

    Remote 4-axis Servo & Stepper motor control module (HSL) Learn More
  2. Motionnet MNET-4XMO-(C)

    Motionnet MNET-4XMO-(C)

    Part Number: MNET-4XMO-(C)

    Distributed 4-axis Motion Control Modules (with High-Speed Trigger Function) Learn More
  3. Motionnet MNET-DA2 / MNET-SAN

    Motionnet MNET-DA2 / MNET-SAN

    Part Number: MNET-DA2 / MNET-SAN

    Distributed Single-axis Motion Control Modules for Delta and Sanyo Learn More
  4. Motionnet MNET-J3 / MNET-S23 / MNET-MIA

    Motionnet MNET-J3 / MNET-S23 / MNET-MIA

    Part Number: MNET-J3 / MNET-S23 / MNET-MIA

    Distributed Single-axis Motion Control Modules for Mitsubishi, Yaskawa and Panasonic Learn More
  5. PCI-7856


    Part Number: PCI-7856

    Master-Slave Distributed Motion & I/O Master Controller Learn More
  6. SSCNET II PCI-8372+/8366+

    SSCNET II PCI-8372+/8366+

    Part Number: PCI-8372+/8366+

    PCI Bus SSCNet 12/6-Axis Motion Control Cards Learn More
  7. SSCNET III PCI-8392/PCI-8392H

    SSCNET III PCI-8392/PCI-8392H

    Part Number: PCI-8392/PCI-8392H

    DSP-based 16-axis SSCNET III Motion Controllers Learn More

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