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6B Remote I/O

The 6B Series is an intelligent, remote signal conditioning and data acquisition subsystem-all rolled into a small modular sensor-to-host solution containing all the features usually found in more expensive, board-and-box-level systems. It is perfect for distributed I/O applications up to 255 I/O channels from a single communications port, spread out over thousands of feet. The 6B Series modules are softwareconfigurable for range and sensor type, and offer complete isolated signal conditioning of common temperature and voltage inputs and outputs.

The 6B Series delivers sensor-to-host signal conditioning for remote applications. Software-configurable for a wide variety of sensor types, including: analog input, analog output, and digital I/0, the 6B Series is intended for remote data acquisition, machine monitoring, remote energy management and process monitoring and control applications. Including transformer-based isolation, ranging, linearization, A/D conversion and RS-232C/RS-485 serial communication for up to 256 channels per serial port, the 6B Series modules and boards are a complete, low-cost interface between computers and analog signals. All 6B Series input/output modules are fully encapsulated and identical in pin-out and size, facilitating their ability to be mixed and matched with all other 6B Series moduleson the same backplane. The 6B Series is fully rated over the industrial temperature range of -25°C to +85°C.


  • Process Monitoring & Control
  • Test Stand Automation
  • Machine Monitoring
  • Material Testing
  • Remote Energy Management
  • Laboratory Data Acquisition

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  1. ADI-6BP01-1


    Part Number: 6BP01-1


  2. ADI-6BP01-2


    Part Number: 6BP01-2

    SINGLE CHANNEL BP W RS-232 Learn More

  3. ADI-6BP04-1


    Part Number: 6BP04-1


  4. ADI-6BP04-2


    Part Number: 6BP04-2


  5. ADI-6BP04HV-1


    Part Number: 6BP04HV-1


  6. ADI-6BP04HV-2


    Part Number: 6BP04HV-2


  7. ADI-6BP16-1


    Part Number: 6BP16-1


  8. ADI-6BP16-2


    Part Number: 6BP16-2


  9. Field Configurable Digital I/O

    Field Configurable Digital I/O

    Part Number: 6B50

    Starting at: $191.05

  10. Isolated, Field Configurable Analog Input

    Isolated, Field Configurable Analog Input

    Part Number: 6B12-

    Starting at: $182.15

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