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Industrial Computing Solutions



Measurement and Automation Products. Industrial I/O Control, Motion control, Data Acquisition.

Matrix Fanless I/O Platform

ADLINK's revolutionary series of rugged I/O and fanless Platforms-Matrix are based on the Intel® Atom™ N270. These platforms are the result of combining ADLINK's expertise in x86 platform design, versatile I/O function development, and thermal design to push fanless systems to a higher standard, including a temperature range of minus 20 degrees to 70 degrees, 5 G vibration, and cable-free durable structure.

Data Acquisition

ADLINK's PC-based data acquisition modules, including analog input, load cell sensor measurement, analog output, digital I/O, relay outputs, and timer/counter boards. ADLINK's data acquisition modules are designed for a wide range of applications and are available in form factors including ISA, PCI, PCI Express® PC/104+, CompactPCI, and PXI. More than one hundred DAQ and DIO modules are offered. All ADLINK's boards support NI® LabviewT, MATLAB® Data Acquisition ToolboxT, Microsoft® Visual Basic®, and Microsoft® Visual C++®.

Software Solutions

  • Windows - Linux Drivers
  • Third-party Software Support
  • Applications for Test and Measurement
  • Componentware/ActiveX Control


ADLINK's is a sponsor member of the PXI System Alliance, ADLINK offers a wide selection of PXI chassis, PXI controllers, data acquisition modules, PCI-PXI and PXI-PXI extension products, and GPIB connectivity - with more products on the horizon to provide open hardware and software support for our customers.


The IEEE-488 standard, also known as GPIB, is a bus interface that connects instruments in a computer to an ATE system. ADLINK GPIB interface cards in PCI, PXI, and USB interfaces are delivered with complete software support, including a driver API that is fully binary compatible with NI-488.2* driver software. ADLINK's GPIB interface cards provide you with full compatibility with all your existing applications.

Bus Expansion

Bus expansion is a technology that increases the number of slots of the same or different bus type for a host computer system. ADLINK bus expansion product provides variety of interface options, including PCI, PCI Express, PXI, and ExpressCard to increase bus slots and leverage the latest computing power of both desktop and server-grade computers for a variety of applications. The interoperability of different bus interface devices, such PCI, PXI and PCI Express, is also a great benefit for those facing complicated system integration tasks. ADLINK bus expansion products also provide complete hardware and software transparency, without the need for additional drivers or software.

Motion Controllers

ADLINK offers a variety of motion control solutions including different types of motion command interfaces and comprehensive and easy-to-use function libraries for industrial uses such as semiconductor, LED and LCD manufacturing, and laser cutting applications, or in other electrical manufacturing equipment. Machine manufacturers will be benefited from the precise positioning and advanced motion trajectory control technology provided by ADLINK.

ADLINK's PC-based motion control solutions include pulse train motion controllers, DSP-based analog motion controllers, and Distributed Motion Control. ADLINK's motion control solutions deliver accurate and high-performance motion trajectories for target objects. Position comparing and trigger output functions match the performance of high-end frame grabbers in carrying out on-the-fly image inspection with line scanning. Motion control products offered by ADLINK include SSCNET solutions which provide up to 18-bit resolution, high-speed movement, and simultaneous absolute synchronization via a serial connection. ADLINK also provides distributed motion solutions utilizing Motionnet technology and I/O control solutions adopting HSL (high-speed link) technology to the benefit of users by reducing wiring costs, and being able to connect to numerous motion axes and thousands of I/Os.