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ReZolt Em-Fi Software

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ReZolt Em-Fi Software

ReZolt Em-Fi Software


ReZolt Em-Fi Software contains all major building blocks to enable ReZolt OEM customer to rapidly develop application software for their Wi-Fi connected deeply embedded device. It is modular and flexible and hence easily customizable by the OEM customer or by ReZolt. ReZolt Em-Fi Software is included with the RZ607ASDK with key components in source form. The ReZolt low-power sensing reference application works with the RZ807AREF evaluation board. ReZolt OEM customers can use this reference application as a framework for developing their own application. The middleware is the most important component and includes several key functional blocks available to the customer application through an API (Application Programming Interface). Similarly, the HW Platform provides easy access to all on-board hardware resources.

ReZolt OEM customers developing application on a separate application processor can use ReZolt Sserial-to-Wi-Fi application in RZ607AS2WiFiEVK.

ReZolt Em-Fi Software includes FreeRTOS as the RTOS in the current version. This can be easily replaced by modifying the OS abstraction layer. Similarly, the current network stack is LwIP which again can be easily replaced by modifying network stack abstraction layer. Wi-Fi driver from Broadcom for BCM4319 Wi-Fi device is optimized for embedded applications and is provided in binary form. ReZolt provides the Wireless Device Driver Abstraction Layer that makes it easy for the customer application to access the Wi-Fi functions provided by the Wi-Fi Driver.

The Middleware contains several key building blocks that provide upper layer networking functionality for security, data communication, web connection and file transfer including SSL/TLS, XML Parser, FTP Client, DHCP Server, HTTP and HTTPS Server and Client. The Over-the-Air Firmware Update module allows device and sensor configuration change as well as complete firmware update using the Wi-Fi connection.

The Wi-Fi Connection Manager allows set up and selection of various Wi-Fi profiles (SSID, security parameters, etc.). The Soft AP and the DHCP Server allow the device to act as an Access Point which is useful for easy configuration and provisioning of the device.

The Power management module provides access to fine-grain power management of various components in RZ607AMOD module supporting various modes. Profile module allows management of the device profile. The debug module facilitates software debug. Timer and watchdog modules allow periodic timing of various events as well graceful recovery from error conditions. The non-volatile data storage allows management of data storage and retrieval using the Flash memory in STM32F205 microcontroller.